Dream team vs. 2012 USA Team

First and foremost, the Dream Team is better.

When the roster for the 2012 Team USA was put together for the London Olympics, people begin to ask: “could this team beat the Dream Team.” To some people, this debate was ridiculous because the Dream Team has widely been regarded as the best team that ever formed. Others believed that the 2012 Team has a legit shot of beating the Dream Team.

Lebron James recently joined the party by saying the 2012 Team could beat the Dream Team.

Members of the Dream Team simply scoffed; Larry Bird found it humorous 

Here are the reasons why the Dream Team is better:

  • They have never trailed at any point in time throughout the Olympics whereas the 2012 Team have trailed a couple times
  • They beat teams on average by 42 points. The 2012 Team defeated Argentina by only 6 points (final score 86-80).
  • They have 10 Hall of Famers. 2012 Team has only three future first ballot Hall of Famers (Kobe, Lebron, and Wade).
  • They have Michael Jordan, the greatest player to ever play basketball. The 2012 team doesn’t have Michael Jordan
  • Their front line is much bigger and better (Ewing, Robinson, Malone vs Davis, Chandler, Love).

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