Special Guest Post: Mr. Fundamentals

Hello, NBA Fan Thoughts readers!

Today, we have a guest post from Ahmet Gulek. He is the writer for Burning 4 Basketball.

Who has the best fundamentals in NBA?

Nowadays young players are working on fade away shots, street moves etc. They think high light moves will allow them to get better as a basketball player, but they forget something really important. Fundamentals are everything…

It is true that some NBA players have their signature moves which are both effective and good looking. Kobe plays differently than everyone else and he is one of best. Dirk has a fade away shot technique that was created by German Engineers, it has no flaw. But what made these players great are not these moves. They are the masters of fundamentals as well. Fundamentals made them great, signature moves made them special. One cannot be special without being great. Fundamentals come first.

NBA players have great fundamentals, but who has the best fundamentals? I personally believe that at least 95% of Basketball Fans will say Tim Duncan and they are absolutely right. What makes Tim Duncan so SPECIAL is that he never tries to make an extra shot. He never tries to make a good looking move. All he does is following the simple instructions of basketball handbook. He uses fundamentals and he uses them wisely. Have you ever heard of a “Tim Duncan” move? The answer is no. But yet, he manages to be finals MVP. He is considered one of the greatest Power Forwards of all time. He is still effective as a player even though he is aged. He does the right thing at the right time. I believe young players should be watched Tim Duncan games in Basketball Camps.

But why is he so good? The answer is fundamentals. They are out there to be used, to be mastered. They are willingly to give their master great abilities. Why shouldn’t we accept?


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