About me:

My name is Tae and I am a huge NBA fan. I started casually watching the NBA in 1998 when Jordan won his last title. I began to follow basketball more regularly starting the 2004 season, which ended with the Pistons dismantling the Lakers in 5 games. The players that sucked me further into the game are T-Mac, Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd, and AI. Soon, Carmelo Anthony became my favorite (although as of late, he has been a bxxxh).

I’m from DC so I am a Washington Wizards fan. Yes, we have been sucking but we are getting better (please Mr. Wall, learn how to shoot). My favorite team of all time is the Wizards team with the big three: Gilbert, Butler, and Jamison.


About the blog:

Sometimes the fans know more about certain aspects of the games than ESPN analysts either because we follow them more closely (and exclusively) or because we are more intelligent (just a joke). The main goal of this blog is to share with other fans our perspectives and analyses that we have developed from being a fan of the game. Instead of hearing the analyst talk on ESPN, we want to hear what the fans think. We want to read about why you think a certain player sucks or why you think a certain player is the best.

So if you have something to say, email us your argument; if we are persuaded or at least find it persuasive, we will post it on the blog.

NFT is also about posting what the fans are thinking. Often the fans wonder about less serious topics. Feel free to email them to us too!


If you have any questions contact me:


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